Could you be a future councillor?

Thinking of becoming a councillor? Find out more about what councillors do and how you can become a candidate for the next elections in 2026

Our councillors are a team of hard-working residents who believe in core Lib Dem principles of fairness and equality, who represent their constituents and work to make their towns a better place for their neighbours and residents.

It's a group that gladly welcomes new members - all of our councillors are regular Lib Dem members who felt they had something to offer their communities.

Have you thought about becoming a councillor for your area? If you believe what we believe, then you could be one of our candidates. Our councillors are elected to represent specific wards within the borough, but also work hard to stand up for Liberal Democrat values right across Haringey.

Anybody who is a member of the Liberal Democrats can be one of our candidates, with the full backing of our campaign team and volunteers to guide you through the process.

If this interests you, fill out the form below - we can have a chat and put you in touch with one of our existing councillors so you can find out more.

Register your interest to be a candidate

Fill out the form below to register your interest and find out more about what's involved - no obligation! We'll put you in touch with ALDC, our Lib Dem association of councillors to find out more, and then will be in touch when we're selecting candidates to discuss if you'd like to stand as part of our local Lib Dem team.

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